Types of Tuition

We offer two approaches to learning, one to one tuition and group tuition (4-5 pupils). These offer flexibility at different stages along your child’s educational path.

Pupils typically start with a short programme of one-to-one tuition (5-6 weeks) to boost key skills and allow the tutor to assess the pupils individual needs. Pupils can then continue with one-to-one sessions or join one of the carefully structured groups that will best suit their needs. Group tuition is effective in continuing to develop those key skills, whilst also offering an interactive element with other likeminded children. If an exam is approaching and a child needs specific coaching, they can then return to a series of one-to-one sessions.

We give feedback to pupils throughout the sessions and set targets for development. Parents are given feedback at the end of each session and are invited to attend a meeting with their child’s tutor each half term to discuss progress. Parents are also encouraged to contact us as anytime to discuss issues that may need to be brought to out attention.

Group Tuition (4-5 pupils) £12.00 per pupil, per hour

Groups are carefully structured according to subject, ability and approaches to learning. Sessions are focused with an interactive element. They are affordable, meaning that pupils can attend regularly and keep skills ‘topped up’. These are our most popular sessions.

One-to One Tuition at £25.00 per pupil per hour

One-to-one sessions are useful to intensively boost certain skills and to coach for specific goals or exams.

We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your child’s needs and will regularly discuss progress and suggest appropriate programmes of learning.